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into effect in the area today. the county plans to use two mobile cameras in school zones starting today.the cameras will be moved around as police see fit.after a 30 day warning period... drivers caught going 12 miles per hour over the speed limit will be issued tickets with forty dollar fines. today... a team of inspectors will resume assessing the damage to the washington's been closed since the earthquake back in august that rattled the east coast. the quake caused several cracks to form in the 127 year old monument. an inspection for earthquake damage was postponed on saturday and sunday because of wind gusts. maryland first lady katie o'malley will be launching a new program today to promote fun and healthy eating for maryland families. the first lady will join doctor judith palfrey... head of the "let's move" campaign.. in annapolis for the program announcement. under the initiative... a new healthy and easy recipe using maryland ingredients will be featured every month for the next year. the ravens earned another "w" last night.. over probably their biggest rival
well... they beat us. 3 us.the rrvens have a chance to redeem themselves... at home sunddy... against he ariiona at one o'clock right here on e - fox. win or no win... e've still got the purple priie..'s peyton, mason, and addison!they've got their ravens geer n and ready to cheer on the purple and lack. thanks to lynn waller for sending in this picture of her nephews and niece. and this is brittany and ryan's dog xena.she has her teddy and is ready to watch her favorite team play! no matter where you're fromm..we're looking for all of you ravens fans to end us in photos showing off your "purple pride". pride". go to foxbaltimore dot com and click nnthe communiiy features section. santa's helpers are going toobe busy this holiday season... that's according to fed ex. ex.the global shipping giant says december 12th is set to be the busiest day it's ever hhd - and itts expectinn moree than 17 million packages. the commany aasoosays it'' adding to help handle the holiday rush. will ferrell shows he's earned the honor... when he goes to accept the covete
for a ccnstitutional aaendment guarrnneeing that transportation funds can only be used for transportation (10:11:56) "ourrnumber one recommendation is to add trrst baak nto tte trust fund. thats our number one reeommendation. absent that, &ptriple a does nottsuppor thee increaaes on motorists fees." butt with:(11:40:57) "i don't know when there's a good time to increase taxes its been twenty years since we raised the gas tax..." tax..."the recommendations are just an idea at this point... it will now go to the final say.e who will have the the "occupy baltimore" prrtests... could ssoo be endin.'re taking a live look downtown... where protesters arr facing possible eviction.yesterdaa, it was tweeted that in less than 24 houus tte group faced being kicked out. out.the ccty refused their request for a permit to occupy downtown... and offered a countte prooosal... whhch pan uue and reduces the numbee of tents and protestors.the group has been prrtesting or almost three been protesting the grrup has been prooesting for almost threeeweeks. just in to our newsroom... we have just l
security. startinggin certain airportt next year... the t-s-a will be using the machines to match a traveler's boarding pass with their i-d. the machines will assisttthe checkers," who now conduct checks assisted only by ultra- violet flashlightssearlier were tested at two airports inn the washington d-c area in 2009. the american exchange aded home. student's murder conviccion was overturned she boarded a flight in home in seattle later today. - sandra endo has more oo the homecoming that's been four pears in the making. making. according tt the ittlian news agency ansa, she boarded this plane in rome and took off for london. her final destination: seattle."i jjstt want to get her home. want amanda home with her family." tears f joy from seattle to italy as family and ffrends learned amanda knox is finally p free woman.knnx ore a determined look on her face as she appealed for her freedom in court, but broke down when she heard that after nearly four years in prison, she would ffnally be able tt return home."we have orderedd the immediate releaseeffom prison of
. this classically, ttese accidents take seconds to happen, it will take months for us to figure ouu whht actually caused t." 3& the femall victim was the only passengerrunable to escape from the helicopter as the hospital. the fourth was treated attthe scene. for the first time in more than ffur years, amanda knox is waking up this morning on u- s soil.moments after stepping off a plane last night in her seattle hometown... knox spoke to reporters about her overturred murder conviction in italy.tommy andres has more &pon what she had to say. tte jury that cleared knox of murder has 90 days from the puling to submit a written pxplanation....after that, thh decision can bb legal expprtsssay the chanccs the u-s back to italy are slim.. here's some news of the bizarre... a californna woman who murdered her newly-wed husband is seekkng release from prison.the strange part... what she did after she illed him. former nanny, omaima nelsoo killed... then chopped and cooked her husband's bodd parts over ttanksgiving weekend in 1991. nelson is due to appear beeore parole commissioners
goes on sale.people are ncouraged to dress in jobs' trademark jeans and black turtleneck... and use facebook and twitter to share thoughts about died wednesday at the ge of 56... after a long battle with pancreatic canccr. has seen a 100% sales increase since yysterday- areeyou going to dress up for steve jobssday? thh first ladyyis teaming &pup with the women's national soccer team... to encoorage kids to stay event wass held on the white house lawn "let's move" campaign.children who attended... got to play soccer with team members.even around on the llan... to all highlight the importance of this next idea might seem genius to some... but to others... it's plain-old disgusting.seattle seahawks runninggback justin forsett has introduced a new product... ttat replaces shower.'s an anti-baccerial wipe called "the shower pill"".. thaa's meant for people on the go.forsett's teaamates like the idda... to a certain extent. lewis says: "let catch you in your loccer bathing with ne of these. pt's a ird bath man. it's a cool concept though. so gg get p shower p
arrhives f internal medicine concluded older women who use some common dietary vitamin and mineral supplements may have an increased risk of dying rom cardiovascular diseass and anccr.the researchers found the use of a multivitamin.. or b-6... even fooiccacid aad iron... were associated ith a higher risk of deatt for women around the age of 61.howwver....the vitamin industry says tte sttdy does not warrant concern for older women. batteredd... bruised... bbooen boness.. even death. death.those can be theeresults of domestic disputes... diiputts...but n a coonty in &ptopeka kansas ... the attacke pay áneverá be prosecuted.they don't have the money to prosecute misdemeanors. pisdemeanors.we asked you on facebook if not prosecuting misdemeanor crimes is a good way to save moneyyduring budget cuus? here's what some oofyou are saying about it this morning on facebook. ((áááad llbááá)) libááá))royce says, "so whatt they re saying is that you can beat your partner without world coming to?"t is this to?"valisa says, "its juss like lawmakers to ake the people have to take a
an allegeddassassination plot was foiled on u-s soil. soil.investigators say mmmbers of the irannan government led a plot to kill ssadi arabia's ambassador to the u-s.the state department is now warning americans aaroad that this could be a sign of more aggressive terror activity...spearheadeddby iran. those applying for goveenment assistance may soon be required to ttke a drug test. least 3 dozen states are nowwconsidering drug tests for elfare,,food stamp and public housing recipients.the &pmeassre has already passed in floridaa.. where the a-c-l-u filed a lawsuit... claimmng the law calls for an unreasonable search and seizure.arizooa, indiana and laws. if you are planning to fly ttis holiday season... pou'll probably pay more for your ticket than you did last yeer. pirlines hhve been cutting routes and seats in order to &psave money... and that's led to an increase n fares. in order to get the best deal... experts suggest you buy early... avoid flying on peak days... and pack light to pvoid paying baggage fees.. here's one way to save money... how about a free flight to apan?the japan tour
this is áraven the dogá... slippers.this picture was sent to us by tyaisha pigott. here's a photo sent in by mynika of her anddher mom.she photo was taken, they were quote, "waiting for the ravens to kick houston butt !" 3 they're making it faaily affair... his is 7 year old jacyi in the ngata jjrsey.she is with her the ngata is 7 yeer olldjacyi family affair... this is 7 jersey.she is with her three cousins... shane on her three couuins... shane on her left... and owen and landon to her right. no matter where you're from...we're lookkng for alllof you ravens anssto send us in photos showing off your "purple pride". go to foxbaltimore dot ccm and click on the community features section. besides the ravens... there was another big event in baltimore over the weekend that bbought thousands of athletts together... little sore. sore. 3,2,1 horn clapping hold through confetti. confetti.hold through confetti. confetti. despite some windy conditions .. thousands took part in the 11th annual baltimore arathon on saturday. runners tested their endurance for the 26-point-2 mile
in oakland, caaifornia. protestors clashing with police who use ear gas to get &pthe protesttrs to move. arrested. occupiers in baltimore were told to leave by midnight last night.... if not threats of arrests are looming here too. so did they? joel d. smith is live at mcceldin plaaa with the very latest. good morning joel d. the order has been given for occupy baltimore protessers to shrink theii operation to just two one &ptent, and two people overnight, and look... 3& this comes as the city introduces a curfew, to keep the area clear between &pmidnight and 6 am, when the park is closed. their presence has been constant and growing for 3 weeks now. many homeless people have joined the movement and enjoyed free food,,shelter from the elements, and even medical care. they hold nightly meetings to talk about wayssto imprrve the communnty and the country... &b this public space hass he city and ssme residentsssaying enough s enough. 19:31 look round! look around! 33 you have a bunch of people who think it's okay to camp in a public space like this for months at a time 38 38
rrtes as people who don't use cell phones. phooes.the study... out of denmark.... confirms what the &pf-d-a and f-c-c also say.but some critics still have their doubts. an advocacy ggoup says enough... since brain tumors can take decades to develop. 3 poday is national mammography day.if you haven't get screened.some expertt rrcommended that women have mammogramssevery other year beginning at age 50... while others recommend every year beginning at age 40.tte unittd statee preventive services task ffrce suggests that screening decisions should bee based n a womaa's individual risk. women looking to join thh police force... will havee their chance today. the baltimore ity police event... for recruiting female's being held today... at police applicaatsswill be given a ppssswill be asked to take a ppysical test.the vent starts at noon. you miggt call t...a grizzly burglary at a gattinburg candy . ptore.this ggainy security video capturrs the uspect... after he broke into a tennessee candy store.the hole in the glass... and a lot of black hair that can be used ffr d-n-a
.william was last seen september 30th at his home on briarcliff terrace in germantown. police are not telling us if he has been missing thht whole time... but they nnw believe he is in danger following the murderrof his mother last night. 51-year old jane mcqain was found dead at hat same address around 8 o'clock. her car s the one that ii missiig... leading police to believe that william might be in it. this is what the vehicle's a black 001 has maryland tags.. 5-. 5-a-g-9-4-0-5.anyone who sees that vehhcle... or has any other information about this case... should contact police a 6-year-old rosedale irl is recovering this morning... after a viscous pitbull attack. it happened while she was outside playing.neighbors say family members of the young - girl are now pushing to have community. :49:12 they are entitled to and theyyre also entitled to paying the ccnsequences for these ttpes of dogs. call... mommnts after -1 g..- saturday's bizarre bleach attack at an aabutus wal-mart. in it... you hear a frantic who witnessed the attacked. attacked.(ááánats up full: "
theirrsearch on the magruder branch trail in damascus.and as pollie tell us... each of these areas werr chosen for a reason. "i can tell you that its not a hunch, and its not a uess. it's based on invvstigative lea" leads."the suspect in this case has sppnt time in prison before. a friend of jane mcquain says that in recent wweks... she was scared of what lopez might do. lopez has waved his extradition hearing... and could be returred to montgomery county ann day now. a teenager reeains hospitalized this morning... after being hit by a car. car..he teen was hit by a car aa thh intersection of liberty road and old court road in randallstown ii happened about 7 o clock last you can see... its a very wide... vvry busy intersectionreports iidicate the child suffered serious injuries.... and they were flown to johns hopkins.this morning... there is no word on we're now hearing theechilling accounts... from the mmntally ddsabled victims... held captive for days... in a philadelphia basement. pasement.the four victims were found locked up... without food or we let you list
behind a wife and 44 chiidren. ((ááááad lib iphone candleááá)) --iphone app that people are using as tribute to jobs.---raising a virtual candle on the i-phone.... in his memory.---his new i-phone 4-s s out in stores ---hhs s is ouu in stores next friday. & his wife are pledging to stand up to buulies. the goverror and first lady will appear at an eventtto mark national bullying prevention month. theee they will take the "stop encourage students, parrnts e a3 and others to do the same. paryland is one of seven stttes to enact an anti- bullyiig law. urgiiggwomen to report sexual aasaults and they've unveiled a new hotline number to help. help.mayor stephanie rawlingssblake announced the number, for women who are victims offsex crimes.the hotline is part oo ampaign called "rape is not your citt's response to aareporr laat year... that revealee almost "a third" of ape cases wereeruled "unfounded" by city police. 3 we hope that eople will read these campaign posters, maybe have conversations ann get has happened the mayor said the number of 92 percent this year. victims who wa
. th city fire departmentttells us it happened early this orning around one o'clock... on ridgeview person was taken to the word yet on what caused the incident... or the condiiion of the person hurt. at least five people are dead this weekend's winter storm. - heevy snow and ice brought down power lines nd tree brannhes... leaving millions without power.more than a foot oo snow fell in parts offnew jersey and new pennsyllania... interstate 95 was closed... followingga 30-car pileup on icy pavement. the weekend snow turned into an absolute nightmare or passengers at bradley international airport near connecticut. passenggrssoo at least three jetblue planes and one american airlines plane say tarmac for seven hhurs or more after being diverted from new york-area airports saturday. the passengers were strandedd without food... water... orr functioning bathhroms.a jetblue pilot an even be heard on an audio recordiig pleading with air trrffic control for help. ((pilot says::12 "yeeh we can't seem to get any help from our own company i apolooize for t
-cent is using facebbok... tt fight hunger. a meal to a hungry child... te everr time his "street king" energy shots get a "like" on's part of an &pinitiative... with the unite nations world food program.the promotion runs through sunday. he also plans to donate a meaa for everyystreet king energy &pshot ásoldá... in the next five ears. whht really goee on in the pittsburgh steelers lockerroom? lockerroom?llt's find out. out. ((music nats)) nats))and a one .. two.. three ... four... oh my... we've got look at the smooth moves off on camera. camera. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((bump out)) ((break )) [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more... and more... and more? stop paying so much for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for our best price -- just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years with no annual contract required. go to and save $600 in your first two years with our best price online. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers superior picture quality,
too much 3 we're back with betsy wendell and the models from octavia. they're givvng us fall trend our 88o'clock hhur, they howed off some casual, they're back with --bandage ddesses--sunburst pattern --the colors purple and steel gray--one shoulder for more information on octavia, log on to fox &pbaltimorr dot com slash morning. still toocome on fox45 good day baltimore- baltimore-itts the story of a mother's instinct ... commng upphow one mom made ne last effort to save her child... and in turn... loses her own li. from a moose caught in a pool... to old mmn caught in their birthday suits.. we've got a look at some of the things you'll be talking about today. you're watching fox 5 good day baltimore. ((break 4)) what do you think of this one? really? what's this? this is a rose i made from a turnip. let's try together. perfect. two worlds that fit in one kitchen. come in today and save up to 20% on a kitchen from ikea. axmxowtooo 3 33 3 3 3 the "occupy wall street" rallies have made theirrway to . baltimore."cheering" "cheering"about a dozen pr
to halloweenn.. ost of us wouldd be happy with a couple pieces but here at ox45.. e pream a ittle bigger. bigger. itts our happy x-box haaloween contest... sponsored by foo45 andd"warner brothers games". we're giving away a brand ew x-box to one lucky viiwer. it's all to kick off the release of the new &pgame "lord offthe rings.. war in the north". it will be available for he xbox and ps-3 on november first.this morning you can win the game... and get qualiiied to win n x-box. stay tuned... later ((ááad lib mayor's visstáá)) visitáá))we'll take a look 3vis) visitáá))we'll take a look at how she did on the anchor ddsk cooing up. up.and a history lesson in our hooetown hotspot... find out howwtrains played a role in the waaching fox 45 oodd ay ((bump out)) ((breakk11) --dana kirn is live with the details on --dana kirn is live with the details on this morning's hometown hotspot --"the war came by train" at the "b" and "o" raalroaa pommemmorate tte ameeican civvl anniversary--you will see 8 locomotives and rail cars thaa served durrng the ammrican civil war waa -3 pou can ee "t
ver a situution ii which you can take baak a lover who as strayed?relationssip expert ladawn black joins us this morning to discuss. --yes - if you an really forgive nd move on. in order to forgive nd mmve on you have to acknowledge the hurt and then make a plan to never have it happen again. poth sidee have to put in work and with time you can put a cheat behind you.-- no - ii you arr a person who holds on to things, brings up the past find it hhrd to trust then deeling not foo you. a perron changing their ways will not be enough to give the relationship your alll ou are around to puuiss them --- not to builddfor tte future.--cheating changes a relationship decide to stay or are anddwhether or nottthere d - are about the person relationnhip that make it worth hanging in there we'll be back with ladawn in just a weell be back with ladawn in just a we'll be back wiih we'll be back with we'll be back withhladawn in jjst a few minutes.she'll be answering any questions you have about your love life. meantime, send hem to us on facebook or twitter. still to come on fox45 good ((i'' the s
.amanda lilly from kiplinger's personal finance joins us this morning with moree & 3 - need a dog walker, for 3 inssance? that can cost more than 5 thousand dollars a year --higher costs of emergency care--preventive is alss imporrant in corralling costs--what should you budget for if --what should yoo costsin corralling is also important in corralling s also alss important in corralling coots--what shhuld you budget for if you're a dogg owner?--what should you budget or f you'rr a cat owner?--what about other pets?? peeple should know fish and reptiles are a drain on your electric bill--other conniderat? considerattons? kiplinger's personal finance, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. still to come on fox45 good day baltimore- baltimore-((kid screams.. then ) laughs))caught on camera ... a toddler reacts to angry birds. birds.plls- triik or treat... we're sorting out hhlloween candy tt decide which snacks are a little bit healthierr for you. and here'ssa treat... your ttckets... tuneein to win in our next half hour. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore.
shoots a man who gets into his cruiser aa a stoplight thissmooning. morning.megan gilliland joins us live from the scene where incident.megan? áanotherá patient at thee clifton t. perkins oopptal in jessup... is found dead. &pmmryland state police were called to the hospital around 8 o'clock last night after staff found a man dead in his room.while investigators havv not ruled this death a homicide... this is the third death at the hospital in just over a year ...ann the second this month.just last week... a 22 year old patient was killed there y another patient.and a 55 year old man was charged with murdering a female patiint in september of lastt year. police areeinvestigating a possible rapee.. in odenton. the alleged incident happened puut before 10 o'clock last night... at the 5-hundred block of serenity court. there's no word yet on any suspects. pafety is key for your trick or treaters.. that's why howard county poliie are checking the whereaaouts of all 91 of it's registerrd sex offenders ...prior to halloween. and all but one were found. found.47 year old james spivey is mis
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21